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 Just because i know absolutely nothing about something never stopped me from having an opinion.  The opinions of this blog are mine and mine alone,  (unless they came from someone else).  In some cases the opinion will change before i  finish writing the paragraph.   Please DONT rely on anything said here for anything.  and by all means dont make investment decisions based on my comments below.

Random Thought…

Deep thought of the day: 

WHAT IF:  The democracy we’re fighting for no longer exist and we have become the very thing weve being trying to destroy?  Just a thought deer reader.  Just a thought

Panama Papes shows the 1/10th of 1% play Chess while the rest of us play Checkers

Im the first one to agree the disparity of wealth between  the top 1/10th of 1% and the rest of us is obscene.   But my only complaint is not the amount.  Its that we live in a two tiered system - You and I are playing checkers and the top 400 people who control over 50 % of the assets are playing Chess.   The rules are not the same, the game is not the same, and the outcome is rigged to their success.   You and I do not have access to the calibre of off shore ventures others have.  and even if we did, we cant afford the legal fees to set up such off shore trust.  Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world claims he pays more in taxes than his secretary.  

Approximately every 80 Years

Looking back at the history of our country it becomes apparent that approximately every 80 years we’ve gone through a major social, economic and politial paradigm shift.    Our country was founded in 1776 - (After a war), with the formation of our current form Governemtn and the Declaration of Independence.  Fast forward 80 or so years to 1856 and we find ourselves at the begining (or close enough for sake of discussion) of the Civil war.   Jump ahead 80 years and we land right smack inthe middle of the Great Depression and the begining of a chain of events leading to WWII.   and add another 80 years and we are in  2016.   

Rather than go in to details I’ll poise a question:  

Did each shift change in peace?  Did our freedos grow or restrict?  Did Goverment powers increase or decrease.  

Gold Bugs

Does anyone see the irony that the same people who tell you to buy gold becuase your paper money is worthless will gladly accept your (worthless)  money to buy their gold.   Said another way - The whole selling point to gold is your cash is or will be worthless, people gladly sell their gold for cash.  

 Speaking of gold.   Many people want to own gold under the premise that it will be an accepted currency if and when our paper money fails.     In my view, what they really want is alcohol, tobacco, and Firearms.   The only thinkg new in this world is the history you never heard before.  Look around at all the countries whose currencies have failed; Germany, Russia, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Iraq to name a few that come to mind.   From best i can tell not one time has gold become a medium of exchange when the currency fails. 

Our relationship of growing old

This photo reminds me of our relationships with our clients.  We literally become an inseperable family.  We have numerous multiple generation households or folks that have been with us over 20 years.  

baby pals to old pals

If you build it they will come

If you build it they will come.  Right?  Apparently, that’s not the case in China.   China has essentially spent trillions of dollars building whole cities expecting people to move in and change from self supporting hunter/gathers to happy workers/consumers.   From best i can tell… Its not happening as fast as they hoped.   China has to change from an investments oriented to consumer oriented economy.   and then address their debt issues.   Im not sure how it will all play out, but in my humble opinion, am almost positive it wont be pretty.   Ive never seen a bubble slowly deflate.  They often just pop!  At some point China WILL have their 1930 style depression.  Th equesiton becomes: ”How will effect the rest of the world?"

Robots are amongst us

So many emotions come to mind.  Its hard to see this thing without seeing a personality or emotions.  No response when it gets bullied.  Its almost scary to to think of where society is heading.   

I often wonder:  Is it possibile that the democracy we fight for no longer exisit and we have become the very thing we are fighting.

Retirement Income

If i torture numbers long enough, i make them confess to anything!  

Retirement is a serious problem - it take s serious solution.   Two software programs used to project future income and values give me two totally different results.   My manual calculations using realistic projections provides yet another.  It’s absolutely critical that a financial advisor know and understand the different approaches to retirement income!  You have one, and only one chance to get it right.  

A couple retiring today can realistically expect to live 30 years.  Thats 30 years of income!  The amount of money it takes to fund a retirement is staggering.   For more info send me an email and ask for a copy of my book “The Foundation of Wealth”  

Haves and the Have Nots

Let’s face it - We live in a society of Haves and Have nots.   It was around my Junior High School years, when i first realized some of my friends lived better than others.   At a young age i made it a habit to pay close attention and kept mental notes on the differences betweeen the haves and the have nots.  I then began keeping written notes.  As a financial advisor, working with families from all walks of life, i began to see clear patterns of what causes one person to accumulate millions and another to struggle.   For over 30 years i have studied why some people accumulate large fortunes and others have little to nothing.  Its was very simple.   The “haves” always had something the have nots didn't.   They knew what they wanted and they wouldn't stop until they got it.   And there lies the answer: “They knew what they wanted”.   The difference was simple that the people who lived the life they wanted had one simple item others did not have.  They had GOALS.   They studied their goals, focused on their goals, and did not stop until they achieved them.  It was that simple.  having a goal put a whole set of behaviors in motion.  It is these behaviors that make the difference between the haves and have nots.

Top 3%

HALF THE RICHES - The top 3% of Americans own 54% of the wealth in the USA while the bottom 90% of Americans own just 25% of the nation’s wealth (source: Survey of Consumer Finances).  No message or meaning here - im just staing facts

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